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So, sometimes I decide to make myself crazy and try to work out the timeline on QAF. Can someone tell me why I do this? I'm not allowed to do this anymore. It makes me INSANE. Especially when you realize that based on lesbian anniversaries, there has to be two full years between the s.3 opener and the s.5 opener, but based on lesbian babies, there can only be nine months between 3.05 and 4.14. And the fact that Jason Kemp was apparently murdered in April of '02. And that it's ALWAYS WINTER.

Since nobody ever reminds me that I'm not allowed to think about this, behind the cut tag, I've noted some

1.01 = Gus born
1.14 = Justin's 18th bday
1.22 = Brian's bday, Justin's prom (May/June)

2.01 = 1.5 months (Justin in coma 2 wks, rehab a month) after 1.22
2.02 = Gus's first bday (1 yr. since 1.01)
2.05 = Justin starts school (September)
2.10 = Jason Kemp murdered
2.11 = lesbian wedding
2.12 = Gus's pre-school interview (? spring)
2.16 = Justin's 19th bday, HIV's bday, Justin meets Ian
2.17 = B/J's aborted trip to VT (? possibly for "Justin's spring break")
2.20 = Rage release party

3.01 = same day as 2.20 (Rage party cont.), lesbian's 8th anniversary (1 wk after Rage party)
3.02 = Justin starts school (? September)
3.03 = MNov says Brian's 31
3.05 = Brian starts working for Stockwell, Mel impregnated
3.10 = ThatGuy's sexpig party
3.13 = Hunter's bday
3.14 = end of Mel's first trimester (3 mo. since 3.05), ThatGuy in rehab, 2003 election (? November or local election @ different time --> per kel.'s research the Pittsburgh mayoral election is in November. I'm not sure CowLip is as good w/ google as we are, but. it's something. I guess), CCftT ad indicates that Jason Kemp was killed in April 2002, about 1 year ago.

4.01 = about 3 days after 3.14
4.02 = ThatGuy leaves rehab (about a wk after 4.01)
4.03 = Brian starts Kinnetik (after getting Endovir acct. in 4.02)
4.06 = Vic dies
4.07 = Brian diagnosed w/ cancer, "Christmas" party in what Emmett says is February.
4.09 = Brian starts radiation, Emmett meets Drew Boyd (?arena football)
4.10 = Brian seems to have finished radiation (? how long)
4.13 = 2004 Liberty Ride starts
4.14 = ThatGuy's 6 month 12 step bday, Mel has baby (6 mo. since 3.14)

5.01 = ? how long since 4.14 (6 mo.). lesbian 10th anniversary (2 yrs since 3.01), Hunter is studying for "mid-terms," also ThatGuy tells Brian that Kinnetik's been in business for a year (year since 4.03/4.02) .

The info for 5.01 is only very minorly spoilery, but if you're nervous, just don't look.

DO YOU SEE HOW THIS COULD MAKE SOMEONE CRAZY? OMG. I am impressed, however, that I actually get to use this mood accurately. OMG.
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