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I wasn't going to do this because I feel like I didn't write anything this year, but thinking about it, I didn't write a lot, but it was enough to take a look at, if only to remind myself what I like about this whole writing fic thing anyway. So,

Fic this year:
[this is mine you can't take it], Powers. MARCH
[the devil's advice to storytellers], LotRPS. APRIL
[same time next thursday], QaF US, co-written with [ profile] throughadoor. MAY
[but you have to wager], Ocean's 11. JUNE
[my life is total irony], QaF US RPS. JUNE
[every color goes where you do], Entourage. AUGUST
[peter and fran], LotRPS, co-written with imogen, kel. & k8. MARCH - OCTOBER
[on a mission now], HP. DECEMBER
[can nature change the seasons of the years], Rome. DECEMBER

Stories: 9
Fandoms: 8
New fandoms: 2


My best story this year: is there really any way it could be something other than "P&F"? Even only a fourth of that, inc. writing and graphic-ing and planning, is an accomplishment. Plus, I think we did pretty good, you know?

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: I actually think most everything was appreciated as much as it should be, but I guess the Powers story because I wish more people even wanted to read that fandom.

Most fun story: to write? "same time next thursday" because we kept just coming up with more and more ridiculous QaF-related things to throw in there. Though, the most fun to read might be the Hal Sparks-a-thon that was "my life is total irony."

Most sexy story: um. I think the only one that has anything close to "sexy" is the Remus/Sirius. There's some stuff in "P&F," but I don't think I wrote any of that.

Story with single sexiest moment: I am pretty happy with the ending of the Remus/Sirius.

Hardest story to write: hah. "P&F" for sure. I will cop right now to complaining more than ANYONE about it. I mean, I love it and I loved writing it, but what I really loved was PLANNING it and reading other people's parts. Towards the end of the run on that story, I was hitting this writing, done-with-fic funk thing and all I ever did was bitch and complain about having to turn in my parts on time. I honestly thought kel. was going to hit me the one time I was nearly in tears about having to write some viggo-and-bean scene. And I was the big Viggo-and-Bean fangirl! I was seriously a wretch in every way and it had little to nothing to do with the story. Frankly, looking back, it was really nice to have something that forced me to write a good chunk of words every week for that period of time. And in the end, I'm proud of almost everything I wrote for that story. Even if all my favorite parts were written by someone else.

"Holy crap, that's wrong even for you" fic: no lynncest this year, so.

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: P&F made me love Viggo a lot more than I did before.

Biggest disappointment: what I'm most disappointed in is the things I didn't write. I have two half-started bday stories that I couldn't finish because of life, P&F, and the my own inability to write anything and/or care about fic. I think I'm coming out of that, though, so there's hope.

Biggest surprise: Probably that so many people took to P&F the way they did. It was this hilarious idea that imogen (I think?) came up with from watching Belle and Sebastian and then we joked about it for months adding and adding and then we decided "hey we should write that" and forced everyone who came into our apt. to listen to it and so by the time we actually started writing, we were so invested in this story and had so much to say that we weren't even sure anyone else would be able to understand our babble let alone care. But they did and they were awesome about it and that was a fantastic surprise.

What's next? Finishing those two bday stories (two different fandoms), [ profile] ethrosdemon's DCU/Smallville challenge, something Supernatural probably, maybe finishing one of my languishing popslash stories, and then we'll see from there. I do feel like spending some time writing again, though, so that's a good sign.

And now, shower, OJ, SPADER. Mmmm...SPADER.


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