Nov. 14th, 2005

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I've been waiting for both to be assigned before doing this, so.

Dear [ profile] shackinup_sesa writer,

I pretty much got to specify everything I wanted in my sign-up, but in case you're looking for more, I'll see what I can do. Just click )

Mostly, though, as long as it's Remus/Sirius and it's set at least no later than the end of OotP, I'll be happy. Because hey, story! For me! eeep!

much love,


Dear [ profile] yuletide writer,

Mmmm...obscure. I truly love all the fandoms I chose, so whichever one matches your offer will be absolutely wonderful. Overall, I'm looking for a story that suits the fandom, either happy or not as needed. I'm very invested in the characters above all and I do appreciate the humor, even in the darker situations. I would prefer gen to porn in all cases, but do love the slash when it fits the story. So as not to bore the world (though I kind of love reading everyone's letters), click the cut for more specifics )

Anyway, no matter what you pick, I'm pretty pumped to get a story in all of these fandoms, so no worries. I'm sure it'll be excellent.

K (kat)


Today was a lovely day. Everyone was all chipper and enthusiastic. I mean, Work Crush asked me how my weekend was. That NEVER happens. I was so confused I didn't manage to actually answer like a normal person, but whatever.

Gingerbread lattes are back! This happened several days ago and I cheered at Starbucks like the wretch that I am, but I had one this morning and I'm sure this is what made the morning so awesome, so. Yes.

This Bill Simmons column mounting a defense of Terrell Owens is so the best thing I've ever read because even though I do believe that T.O. is crazy and an idiot and a jerk, it's nice to see all the other people who can be held accountable. Especially this:
3. White peopleIf Drew Bennett were pulling this crap, would you be this angry? It's like the old Chris Rock joke, "I haven't seen white people this angry since they canceled M*A*S*H." Maybe you white people need to look in the mirror and think about the real reason you hate Terrell Owens. Asalamalakum, my brother.

And I'm gonna go right ahead and use my M*A*S*H icon in honor of the anger of white people everywhere. Also 'cause I [heart] Alan Alda.

Now, CSPAN and I have a high-impact date with the TiVo that includes PTI, Rome, Smallville and maybe TWW. Mmmmmm...T.V.


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