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Two ficlety things. Snape says, "these are for [ profile] annakovsky, babe."

The Office, Ryan/Pam

an inauspicious beginning

Ryan pushes his hair back one more time before walking into the office. He smiles at the receptionist-- cute and blonde, like Sara (the girl he dated two ex-girlfriends ago)-- and says, "I'm the temp?" like it's a question.

She blinks twice, lowers her eyes to his green checked tie, which he clearly shouldn't have even bought, let alone worn out of the house, because, as always, Laura (who just left him a few weeks ago to go to grad school in Boston) was completely right and it's probably ugly.

He lifts the folder holding his paperwork to block her view and she looks back up. "Right, the temp." She says it just a bit too loudly and Ryan hears someone behind him snort. The receptionist smiles, not at Ryan, but just over his shoulder.

Ryan isn't going to turn around and tell whoever is standing behind him that he's in business school and doesn't plan on being a temp forever, and is actually going to open his own business, so this is all just a means to an end. It's not that Ryan doesn't want to tell whoever the receptionist is still smiling at, it's just that Michelle (his college girlfriend) was wrong about him-- he doesn't have to prove something to everyone.

"--HR," the receptionist says and Ryan reminds himself to focus, taking a deep breath as the receptionist leads him to the very back of the office where a man who might seem tall if he didn't look so sad stands and holds out his hand.

Ryan shoves his folder forward two seconds before he realizes that the man, who is introducing himself as Toby, probably wanted to shake hands. Ryan pulls at his tie, fingers twisting around it and watches the receptionist walk away, already missing her smile even if it wasn't really for him.

The Office, Toby/Meredith

unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature

Toby is in HR and he has watched, at last count, twenty-seven different videos and read at least three times that many pamphlets on the subject of sexual harassment. But, frankly, if Michael hasn't been sued all ready, Toby figures he's safe, so when Meredith tucks her flask into the top of her skirt and nods towards the coat closet, Toby shrugs and follows.

"Hi," she says, holding onto the nearest coat for support. Toby thinks it belongs to Jim's date, the bubbly girl with the purses, but that's mostly just because it has a pink fur collar. For all he knows, it's Oscar's. Which is a terribly inappropriate thing to think and Toby wonders for about the fiftieth time this hour how much longer before this job makes him truly insane in a sleeping-in-the-garage-with-the-car-running kind of way.

Meredith lurches toward him and he presses his hand against her waist to hold her up. "Hi," he says. The smell of whiskey is comforting and nauseating at the same time and he uses his free hand to take the flask from Meredith's skirt.

She giggles as he drinks from it and steps closer. "This is the worst--" She squints and looks around, then back at Toby. "What holiday are we celebrating?"

"This is Dunder-Mifflin's First Annual Employee Martin Luther King, Jr. Day party." He shakes his head and takes another drink, wincing. The last time he drank anything this cheap was college and it's not as though he's a big spender now. But then, he does know exactly how much Meredith makes, so it shouldn't be a surprise. "We don't get the day off anymore, but we do celebrate."

Meredith cough-laughs and takes the flask back, tipping her head back to get all the remaining liquid. She grins and when she falls into him, she tastes like whiskey, toner, and berry-flavored lipstick.

Today was strange. The AL was on the verge of losing it all day, I couldn't use my cube for half the day, and while he didn't do anything in particular, I have never quite had such a strong urge to just sit and stare longingly at WC so much as I did today. [sigh] Also, I am tired like whoa.

But, tomorrow I get paid, I am planning on getting very drunk to celebrate. And also do laundry, but that's less about celebrating and more about the fact that I wore a skirt today. Which, now that I think about it, that might be what was weird. Hmmm...

Most importantly, I've FINALLY hit the part of s3 Gilmore Girls where Jess and Rory are together, so it takes me about an extra twenty minutes to watch each ep because I OBVIOUSLY have to watch each R/J scene at least three times. And sometimes six. Or seven, if it's the "I've got something to take care of" scene. Oh, or the gas-station kiss. ...What?

Project Runway now, I think.
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