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[ profile] yuletide recs, A-D (though I didn't finish 'D,' so there will eventually be more there, I assume)

+Agatha Christie: [Coffee and Cognac], Poirot/Hastings
He was ahead of me in so many ways that I almost despaired of everknowing what it was that he understood so quickly; but, as I thoughtover that evening in Brussels and this morning's exchange that hadmirrored it, I felt another blush begin to creep across my face.

+Almost Famous: [Love Comes and Goes], Penny Lane
Her mother doesn't understand when she says she needs to go to Morocco, but she gives her the money nonetheless.

+Askewniverse: [Banky Knows What it is All About], Banky/Hooper
Panels, he saw the panels of the art as the angles tilted. Banky snorted and giggled. It looked like he was in a comic.

+Boy Meets World: [if all the world and love were young], Cory/Shawn
"You can't actually unmarry a person," Cory said after she left andShawn sat down on the clean expensive leather of the new couch andnodded, accepting.

+Clue: the Movie: [Miss Manners Would Not Approve], Wadsworth
"And I'd wager Miss Manners would have something to say on the heading of `blackmail', when it comes right down to it."

+The Chronicles of Narnia: [Lives by Breaking], Pevensies gen
Lucy turns her face to him. She says, "I remember you."

+Deadwood: [between hay and grass], Joanie (w/ a brilliant allusion to Jae's Deadwood/pop xover)
The blonde whore sets down the glasses with a pepperbox crack for eachone; some of the liquor slops out across her hand and she raises it toher mouth without a thought.

+Deadwood: [Chance Favors the Mind], Doc, Jane
The whiskey burned going down, and smelled predictably of turpentine, but it wasn't the worst he'd ever tasted.

+Deadwood: [My hands remember hers], Jane/Joanie
The graveyard's silent, like the birds all went inside too, and Janefinds a snort of laughter bubbling up through her nose at the thought.

+Dexter: [Use Your Illusion, Too], Deb
Her therapist suggested no new men for six months.

+Dexter: [The Great Unifier], Dexter, Brian (wicked spoilery)
"Dexter! Where is Dexter? I need to see Dexter!"

+Dexter: [Love in Prompts: Dexter Theatre], Dexter/Rita
I feel a sense of obligation to her, and maybe that's what love is.

And between the computer and the wine, I totally have a headache. Ugh.
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