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I know some people really want detailed prompts to mine for inspiration, but I honestly don't have time right now to draft some and I wanted to get something up. If you'd like something more specific, maybe have the mods drop me a question or leave an anon comment on the LJ post and I can put some things together.


First, thank you thank you thank you. I’m sure that anything you put together in one of my chosen fandoms will be thrilling. I took a bit of a Yuletide hiatus for a few years and I’m excited to be back - I was thinking about the writing and I’d sort of forgotten that the flip side is that I get a story too!

That said, since “anything is great!” is often more daunting than it would seem, here’s some thoughts on stuff I like, stuff I’m eh on, and how I feel about my requests.


I love slash, het, and gen. For pairing stories, I’m a romance girl. I like beginnings and build-up, I like figuring things out, figuring people out. I on’t like when characters are demonized in order to get a pair together. I love friendship in gen or in romances - between the pair or with other characters.

I love stories that fill in gaps - pre-canon stories or slices of lives and stories that the canon didn’t tell - and stories that go beyond the canon - futurefic or characters/events that got dropped revisited.

Comedy is more my jam, but when it comes to angst, I am not going to deny that I am always ready to indulge in a bit of hurt/comfort or long-term pining. I don’t need a happy ending as long as whatever the ending is fits the story.

I love case stories or day in the life stories or whatever version of that fits the fandom - I love these worlds enough to want fic in them, so I’m always into expanding and exploring these places.

Notes on what I love about the canon/fandom for each here:

Scandal I love the strong female characters, I love the fast pace, I love the complicated unnpleasant twistedness of these people. I love the friendships. NOTE - if you cannot include all characters, that is fine. Feel free to drop one or more if necessary. I understand that in particular Jake and Mellie could be difficult to combine and I would love a story about/including either even if it means the others can't be included.

Hart of Dixie I love all the ladies and their individual personalities. I love Lavon Hayes with all my heart. I love the celebrations and the weird Southern traditions. I love a bad boy with a heart of gold.

Greek myth: I love the women of Greek myth. I love Odysseus. I love the crazy stories. I love re-tellings and revisions and the way the stories are always changing. I am more interested in the heroes and the mortals than the gods. NOTE - if you cannot include all characters, that is fine. Feel free to drop one or more if necessary.

There is nothing I don’t love about Happy Endings except that it was cancelled.

Okay, so I haven’t re-read The Secret Circle in a while, but I am into it. Anything about it really. But as noted, my younger self was all about Nick. See earlier re: bad boy with a heart of gold.

Deadwood I love the rawness of it, the uncivilized attempting to make something work in the wilderness. I love the language. I love Trixie and Al and everyone who comes in and out of their orbit.

I made a lot of requests to give a lot of options, so I hope there’s something here that you’re excited to write and I can’t wait to read the story. I hope you also get exactly what you want and again, thanks for participating in Yuletide - I’m sure the story will be amazing.
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