Dec. 25th, 2014 12:28 pm
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Merry Yuletide to me! I recieved an amazing gift AND a perfect treat. I do this mostly to write something once a year, so a good gift is a bonus and these are a BIG bonus.

[Time Bring Back to Time]
How to Get Away with Murder, Connor/Oliver
It seems a shame I have no recollection of what was clearly the zenith of my ability to have any game whatsoever.

As I texted before even reading this last night, THIS IS CONNOR/OLIVER AND IT IS TAGGED AMNESIA. It also has rom-com moments and some light h/c. My author clearly thought about how to tailor this to my list of likes SO well and gave me great Connor as well. I mean AMNESIA is my everything and the way she balances the sweet rom-com domestic stuff with the tension set up by the situation is impressive and perfect. Such a delight!


[White Line Fever]
Archer, Archer/Pam
"Don’t worry, I’ve got this,” he said. Then he proceeded to call Woodhouse on his car phone and demand he show up to change the tire.

Getting a treat was so cool and seeing the fandom and pairing was exciting, but from the first line of "So, rehab." I was smiling like a dope. This was so funny and so in character and on tone to canon and it has everything I love about the Archer/Pam dynamic and it is great. Wonderful treat job!


I am clearly facing an embarrassment of riches and cannot thank my assigned writer and treater enough. Amazing.


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