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First, ha, OMG, I know I'm the worst because I left my OD empty because I intended to edit the sign-up an then failed due to work etc. which is such an embarassing mistake to make. If I'm lucky, you checked for my LJ/tumblr and are reading this because you are great. Greater even than just the usual greatness that comes with doing Yuletide. So, thank you thank you thank you. I’m sure that anything you put together in one of my chosen fandoms will be thrilling.

Even if you are reading, obviously ODAO and I am happy to be surprised, but I do have this relatively short list of no-gos:

  • A/B/O-verses

  • mpreg

  • D/s

  • non-con

  • dub-con in the clearer sense of 1 party is clearly being manipulated/pushed into something or sex-pollen tropes, not in a much broader interpretation where consent might not be explicity stated in all cases if it's still clearly a mutual thing - e.g., I am fine with drunk sex if everyone's okay with it after

  • non-canon addiction or abuse stories

For those looking for a bit more guidance, likes across all fandoms are noted below:

  • Friendship - genuine affection between the characters or grudging respect-turned-to-friendship.

  • Stories that fill in gaps - pre-canon stories or slices of lives and stories that the canon didn’t tell

  • Stories that go beyond the canon - futurefic or characters/events that got dropped revisited.

  • Comedy and banter

  • Amnesia (I will always read every fic tagged with this in any new fandom I find) or anything related to memory

  • I don’t need a happy ending as long as whatever the ending is fits the story

  • I love case fic or day in the life stories or whatever version of that fits the fandom

  • There is no road trip in the history of time which I have not loved

Specific to ship fic (which I am absolutely in favor of):

  • Okay with slash, femslash, or het - if there's a pairing I cannot abide, I didn't request the relevant characters so all are welcome within my requests

  • I love romcoms and all the traditional tropes that come with that

  • "I hate you; let's fall in love later" is at the heart of many of my strongest OTPs

  • When it comes to angst, I'm always ready to indulge in a bit of hurt/comfort or long-term pining

  • Characters oblivious to their mutual attraction

  • Fake-marriage/relationship trope

  • That thing where someone thinks they're in a love triangle, but the 2 people they're into are actually the same person - like one IRL friend and someone else online. Damn, is there a succinct description of that trope that I just don't know? because I would like to make sense here and also be able to tag search. Anyway, if you know what I mean, cool, if not, ignore me.

  • Body-swap (I think I watched too many of those body-swap movies in the 80s and it really imprinted on me)

  • I prefer getting-together or falling apart fic to established-relationship domesticity

  • In general, I'm not a huge fan of hate-sex pairings unless it really fits the fandom/character

Okay, request-specific DNWs/likes/prompts.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (Phryne Fisher, Jack Robinson):

My heart's deepest desire is probably case fic with shippy elements, but gen is fine too. If case fic is not your bag, then just full on Jack/Phryne of any type is also very very great. Any other characters can be mentioned/used as needed, I have nothing against anyone, I just wanted a Jack and/or Phryne focus.

Archer (Cartoon) (Sterling Archer, Pam Poovey, Malory Archer)

The character request here can be an OR instead of an AND if you prefer. And other characters can certainly be included as needed, but please see notes below in re: ships I do not ship.

From a shipping perspective, I know we're supposed to ship Archer/Lana, but I am all about Archer/Pam. Though, if you can't fully sail that ship, a fic about their weird semi-friendship or friends-with-benefits past could work. And solo fic about either is fine, though as noted, Archer/Lana doesn't really do it for me, so I'd prefer not to have that even in the background. And I will say I got a GREAT fic for this pairing last year and normally I wouldn't re-request, but there are not enough Pam/Archer stories in the world, so I thought I'd give it one more go.

Alternately, any fic about Malory, especially her past, would be amazing. I love every horrible, mean-spirited, drunken, self-centered thing about that woman.

I have a slight preference for ISIS (or whatever they're calling it now...) spy style fic, but the Archer Vice stuff is also great.

Additional thoughts/prompts:

  • Something where Lana's away/with the baby and Pam and Archer have to work a mission together which can either go to the drunken amazing sex place or just be a hilarious gen romp.

  • A mission from Malory's youth (when she's left Archer to be cared for by Woodhouse or in her pre-Archer life) and/or what led her to building her own spy organization.

  • There is nothing you could imagine about Pam's backstory that I would not be into.

  • This fandom seems to lend itself really well to fake relationships and road trips as well as case fic

  • If you want to just write a team story in line with an episode that just centralizes one of the 3 requested characters, I'm fine with that as well

iZombie (Ravi)

I didn't choose any other characters because I really want a story about Ravi, but in reality, there is no character (nommed or otherwise) I would be unhappy to see a Ravi pairing with, so if there's one that you're into, feel free to give it a go. Also super down for Ravi-centric gen, too. Essentially, I'm really open to whatever you want to do with this character because I find him fascinating and aorable.

Since I know canon is ongoing as we prep for Yuletide, feel free to diverge as needed and not stress or avoid canon by doing future fic or back story or case fic that dispenses with the big story arcs and just focuses in on their work/lives.

Additional thoughts/prompts

  • Ravi and Major's friendship - maybe something from the time between seasons as Ravi's been monitoring him? Romance or not.

  • Ravi's background with zombies and the CDC and whatnot seems fascinating - I'd love a take on how he came to be where he is.

  • Ravi and another character on a road trip in service of some zombie research where we can get some humor and friendship/romance. Of the nommed characters, I do somewhat ship Ravi/Major and I think they could be a great pair in this set-up, but really, anyone could work. Oh, or Blaine? That's a hate-to-love ship I could really follow to the end of the earth.

Hamilton-Miranda (Lafayette, Laurens, Hamilton)

Ship fic, gen, friendship, song-fic, war-fic, whatever. Just bring on the dashing Revolutionary bros. I would ship any combination of these 3 (tho, threesome relationships are not my usual jam so that would be a harder sell). Like the early Americans, Lafayette is my favorite, but only by a hair, so any focus is fine. I'd love more on their early relationship during the Revolution, as they were becoming friends or during the war itself. These are non-prompts, but I just am so excited this is even an option this year!

If a combination really isn't your jam, I'm also fine with a story focusing on just one of them, either in relation to another character or during one of their separate adventures.

And that's a wrap. Hope some of this babble was helpful to you. I truly believe in ODAO and I have faith that you are likely better able to come up with something cool than I am, so please again, do not feel constrained by any of this. If it doesn't help, ignore everything and do not fear.

Happy Yuletide!
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