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this was totally supposed to be funnier than it ended up being. and also, you know, not written, probably. but.

[you know how they say], Buffy and Harry Potter (AU post HBP) crossover, Willow and Hermione.
"Willow, you tried to end the world." It sounds somehow smaller when Hermione says it. Not that anyone else really says it, but Willow can practically hear them all think it. "What, exactly, is the step after that?"

This is completely the fault of [ profile] annakovsky, [ profile] kyrafic, and [ profile] throughadoor (who, like in days of yore, also beta-ed and consulted). Thanks to all of you, I guess? Title from a British Sea Power song.
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The first day of the new year was remarkably productive: champagne at midnight, a rendition of "Friends in Low Places" sans guitar, site redesign, a viewing of Shattered Glass (much better than I expected, plus, you know, Peter Sarsgaard and you CAN NOT go wrong there), the grocery store, new colors and default, a viewing of Garden State (which I still don't like as much as most people, but there are enjoyable parts) and many new icons.

I'm impressed with myself, yo.

And, since it's the first, all the secret santas were revealed. Stories I wrote:

[on being a marauder, in spirit and to the letter: a guide to young love, honor, the pursuit of nonsense and other equally noble things] -- Remus/Sirius, for [ profile] shackinup_sesa, thanks to kel. for the beta.

[like the fella once said] -- Ocean's 11, for [ profile] yuletide, thanks to imogen for the beta.

[house with unlocked doors] -- Buffy, Xander/Graham. (this was on the difficult side, I gotta tell you. my ability to grasp Graham's character wasn't quite up to par, but I hope it satisfied the recipient nonetheless)

And one last thank you to [ profile] glossolalia, [ profile] lisew and [ profile] setissma for the wonderful stories I recieved in each of those challenges. And to those who organized them and did their best despite the chaos that comes with the job.

Now, food or sleep.


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