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So, sometimes I decide to make myself crazy and try to work out the timeline on QAF. Can someone tell me why I do this? I'm not allowed to do this anymore. It makes me INSANE. Especially when you realize that based on lesbian anniversaries, there has to be two full years between the s.3 opener and the s.5 opener, but based on lesbian babies, there can only be nine months between 3.05 and 4.14. And the fact that Jason Kemp was apparently murdered in April of '02. And that it's ALWAYS WINTER.

Since nobody ever reminds me that I'm not allowed to think about this, behind the cut tag, I've noted some major milestones )

The info for 5.01 is only very minorly spoilery, but if you're nervous, just don't look.

DO YOU SEE HOW THIS COULD MAKE SOMEONE CRAZY? OMG. I am impressed, however, that I actually get to use this mood accurately. OMG.
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[same time next thursday], QAF (US), Brian/Justin
Didn't you evaporate into thin air like a good little plot device?

[ profile] burnitbackwards held a challenge to write our dream ending for QAF, it being the last season and all (weep). [ profile] throughadoor and I essentially wanted to write the same story and since (through no use of influence or anything) we were assigned the same day to post, we decided to collaborate. This was the end result. It quite truly might only be funny to us, but whatever. No spoilers for s.5, but for all seasons before that.

Also, I MADE A GARTH VIDEO APPEAR BY SHEER FORCE OF WILL!! It was a feat like none known to mankind before. I can only thank Bono and accept what I have done for the miracle it is.
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Oh, and also, [ profile] snowinandblowin authors were revealed while I was away, so:

[the art of swerving], QAF US, Brian/Justin, pretty much one long s.4 spoiler
And, really, knowing that he looks like he's been on a week-long crystal bender while seeing Theodore in Armani every day, isn't depressing at all. Not even a little.

Written for keewick as part of the snowinandblowin challenge -- hope it met specifications! Thanks to kel. for the idea and the beta. Thanks to imogen and circusgirl for the kind of beta action that canonically beats cancer. Thanks to BIBW and reinabelle for organizing. Title not exactly courtesy The Postal Service (as in, it's not an actual lyric and I know the actual lyric, but this is what I always think instead of "send the autos swerving").

One last thank you to my secret santa. Still impressed you got two pairings involving the same character in one story. Well done!
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I was storming about, making declarative statements with elaborate hand gestures as I'm wont to do and noting that a Brian story is of little use if it isn't truly, secretly, deeply a Brian/Justin story. Unless of course, it's a Brian/Emmett story. Except all Brian/Emmett stories should be Emmett stories. Because, can you imagine it from Brian's POV?

and i think there was dirt on his pink plaid pants: a Brian/Emmett story
by K, aged 26 and 5 months.

"This guy sucked my cock once. Now we're friends. I don't have friends." Brian frowned, looked like he'd tasted something unpleasant. "I blame Michael."

The End


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