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this was totally supposed to be funnier than it ended up being. and also, you know, not written, probably. but.

[you know how they say], Buffy and Harry Potter (AU post HBP) crossover, Willow and Hermione.
"Willow, you tried to end the world." It sounds somehow smaller when Hermione says it. Not that anyone else really says it, but Willow can practically hear them all think it. "What, exactly, is the step after that?"

This is completely the fault of [ profile] annakovsky, [ profile] kyrafic, and [ profile] throughadoor (who, like in days of yore, also beta-ed and consulted). Thanks to all of you, I guess? Title from a British Sea Power song.
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Two ficlety things. Snape says, "these are for [ profile] annakovsky, babe."

The Office, Ryan/Pam
an inauspicious beginning )

The Office, Toby/Meredith
unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature )

Today was strange. The AL was on the verge of losing it all day, I couldn't use my cube for half the day, and while he didn't do anything in particular, I have never quite had such a strong urge to just sit and stare longingly at WC so much as I did today. [sigh] Also, I am tired like whoa.

But, tomorrow I get paid, I am planning on getting very drunk to celebrate. And also do laundry, but that's less about celebrating and more about the fact that I wore a skirt today. Which, now that I think about it, that might be what was weird. Hmmm...

Most importantly, I've FINALLY hit the part of s3 Gilmore Girls where Jess and Rory are together, so it takes me about an extra twenty minutes to watch each ep because I OBVIOUSLY have to watch each R/J scene at least three times. And sometimes six. Or seven, if it's the "I've got something to take care of" scene. Oh, or the gas-station kiss. ...What?

Project Runway now, I think.
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I wasn't going to do this because I feel like I didn't write anything this year, but thinking about it, I didn't write a lot, but it was enough to take a look at, if only to remind myself what I like about this whole writing fic thing anyway. So, 2005 Fic in Review )

And now, shower, OJ, SPADER. Mmmm...SPADER.
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Having the alien death flu had really fucked up my NYE. Ah, well. As long as it's not an indicator of things to come this year.

And now that it's Jan. 1, authors on all these secret santa exchanges are revealed, so:

[on a mission now], HP, Remus/Sirius
So the whole war thing, it's not good, but as Sirius pulls Remus along toward the portkey three blocks away, he can't help but think it has its merits.

Written for [ profile] shackinup_sesa for [ profile] yeats. Thanks to kel. and k8 for beta work and to [ profile] musesfool for organizing.

[can nature change the seasons of the years], Rome, Octavian with hints of Octavian/Octavia
"Senators," Octavia's voice was quiet, but from Octavian's angle it seemed to rend the entire crowd into three pieces, all moving away from her as she moved towards him.

Written for [ profile] yuletide for [ profile] pearl_o. Thanks to the organizers.

Back to the coughing and the sleeping. Bleh.
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[same time next thursday], QAF (US), Brian/Justin
Didn't you evaporate into thin air like a good little plot device?

[ profile] burnitbackwards held a challenge to write our dream ending for QAF, it being the last season and all (weep). [ profile] throughadoor and I essentially wanted to write the same story and since (through no use of influence or anything) we were assigned the same day to post, we decided to collaborate. This was the end result. It quite truly might only be funny to us, but whatever. No spoilers for s.5, but for all seasons before that.

Also, I MADE A GARTH VIDEO APPEAR BY SHEER FORCE OF WILL!! It was a feat like none known to mankind before. I can only thank Bono and accept what I have done for the miracle it is.
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The first day of the new year was remarkably productive: champagne at midnight, a rendition of "Friends in Low Places" sans guitar, site redesign, a viewing of Shattered Glass (much better than I expected, plus, you know, Peter Sarsgaard and you CAN NOT go wrong there), the grocery store, new colors and default, a viewing of Garden State (which I still don't like as much as most people, but there are enjoyable parts) and many new icons.

I'm impressed with myself, yo.

And, since it's the first, all the secret santas were revealed. Stories I wrote:

[on being a marauder, in spirit and to the letter: a guide to young love, honor, the pursuit of nonsense and other equally noble things] -- Remus/Sirius, for [ profile] shackinup_sesa, thanks to kel. for the beta.

[like the fella once said] -- Ocean's 11, for [ profile] yuletide, thanks to imogen for the beta.

[house with unlocked doors] -- Buffy, Xander/Graham. (this was on the difficult side, I gotta tell you. my ability to grasp Graham's character wasn't quite up to par, but I hope it satisfied the recipient nonetheless)

And one last thank you to [ profile] glossolalia, [ profile] lisew and [ profile] setissma for the wonderful stories I recieved in each of those challenges. And to those who organized them and did their best despite the chaos that comes with the job.

Now, food or sleep.
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Oh, and also, [ profile] snowinandblowin authors were revealed while I was away, so:

[the art of swerving], QAF US, Brian/Justin, pretty much one long s.4 spoiler
And, really, knowing that he looks like he's been on a week-long crystal bender while seeing Theodore in Armani every day, isn't depressing at all. Not even a little.

Written for keewick as part of the snowinandblowin challenge -- hope it met specifications! Thanks to kel. for the idea and the beta. Thanks to imogen and circusgirl for the kind of beta action that canonically beats cancer. Thanks to BIBW and reinabelle for organizing. Title not exactly courtesy The Postal Service (as in, it's not an actual lyric and I know the actual lyric, but this is what I always think instead of "send the autos swerving").

One last thank you to my secret santa. Still impressed you got two pairings involving the same character in one story. Well done!


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