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[ profile] yuletide recs, A-D (though I didn't finish 'D,' so there will eventually be more there, I assume)

+Agatha Christie: [Coffee and Cognac], Poirot/Hastings
He was ahead of me in so many ways that I almost despaired of everknowing what it was that he understood so quickly; but, as I thoughtover that evening in Brussels and this morning's exchange that hadmirrored it, I felt another blush begin to creep across my face.

+Almost Famous: [Love Comes and Goes], Penny Lane
Her mother doesn't understand when she says she needs to go to Morocco, but she gives her the money nonetheless.

+Askewniverse: [Banky Knows What it is All About], Banky/Hooper
Panels, he saw the panels of the art as the angles tilted. Banky snorted and giggled. It looked like he was in a comic.

+Boy Meets World: [if all the world and love were young], Cory/Shawn
"You can't actually unmarry a person," Cory said after she left andShawn sat down on the clean expensive leather of the new couch andnodded, accepting.

+Clue: the Movie: [Miss Manners Would Not Approve], Wadsworth
"And I'd wager Miss Manners would have something to say on the heading of `blackmail', when it comes right down to it."

+The Chronicles of Narnia: [Lives by Breaking], Pevensies gen
Lucy turns her face to him. She says, "I remember you."

+Deadwood: [between hay and grass], Joanie (w/ a brilliant allusion to Jae's Deadwood/pop xover)
The blonde whore sets down the glasses with a pepperbox crack for eachone; some of the liquor slops out across her hand and she raises it toher mouth without a thought.

+Deadwood: [Chance Favors the Mind], Doc, Jane
The whiskey burned going down, and smelled predictably of turpentine, but it wasn't the worst he'd ever tasted.

+Deadwood: [My hands remember hers], Jane/Joanie
The graveyard's silent, like the birds all went inside too, and Janefinds a snort of laughter bubbling up through her nose at the thought.

+Dexter: [Use Your Illusion, Too], Deb
Her therapist suggested no new men for six months.

+Dexter: [The Great Unifier], Dexter, Brian (wicked spoilery)
"Dexter! Where is Dexter? I need to see Dexter!"

+Dexter: [Love in Prompts: Dexter Theatre], Dexter/Rita
I feel a sense of obligation to her, and maybe that's what love is.

And between the computer and the wine, I totally have a headache. Ugh.
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Who could have known that lo, these twenty-seven years, all I've wanted was [a guy dating his best friend's ex], [a badass visit to the Dairy State], [some carnies in loooooove], [bitchy gay men in something that definitely isn't love].

Which is to say, people who are awesome wrote me birthday stories and here are the proper links/title/fandom/author info:

Walking Off Your Blues -- [ profile] callmesandy
Everwood, Bright/Madison

Burn This -- [ profile] imogennegomi
Alias, Jack, Will

scenes from a swindle -- [ profile] throughadoor
LotRPS, Billy/Dom (AU)

This Is No Modern Romance -- [ profile] circusgirl
QaF (US), Brian/Emmett

4 fandoms represented, man. That's class. And, all awesome stories that you should read and shower with praise. Thanks to all of them and to everyone else who sent good wishes. *mwah*
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#1. I participated in the [ profile] comica_obscura challenge and the stories are up! The fantastic
en haut was written for me about Lady Shiva with some absolutely fantastic support from the less obscure characters. Absolutely wonderful gift.

#2. There was new [ profile] peter_and_fran posted on Sunday. And I got a piece of cake out of the deal.

I spent the last three days watching more Food Network and TLC than anyone has a right to and oh! it was glorious. But, I'm also now sick, so there is no cooking in my future. I sigh. Heavily.

Also, since k8 and I discussed at length (while watching Jesus Christ Superstar) my favorite pieces of musical theater:
Into the Woods
Jesus Christ Superstar
The Music Man
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Last batch of [ profile] yuletide recs, fandoms O-Z:

Ocean's 11
The Perfect Con
Rusty had hopes that they were beyond lightning changes in the back seat of the car while handcuffed, but apparently.

Caldwell Stories
Rusty keeps walking, past the desk. "Children under twelve stay free here, you know. I would have thought that would be a selling point for you."

Rosencrantz and Guidenstern Are Dead
I Know You
Since I know your name. And you know mine, and occasionally yours.

ROS: (nodding) Which I don't believe in. If you jaunt off the boat for a quick swim to catch a bloody coin, what do you think will happen?

The Royal Tenenbaums
"You found me," she says, opening her eyes to find his smile wide as water. His bird is on his arm.

Sayers-- Lord Peter Wimsey
The Unlikely Story of a Nobleman's Daughter
Chronological time was not a thing a man should be a slave to, he decided.

My Sleepy Blue Ocean
"I'm sorry, JD." Turk mournfully dropped my fork. "I thought it was just good eats."

Shakespeare -- Romeo and Juliet
Waste Our Lights in Vain
Romeo is a lover more persistent than any Mercutio has ever seen; his love is for tragedy, all the artful poses of heartbreak.

The Breakfast Club
The Supper Club
Andy hadn't eaten anything since breakfast, and Bender was apparently always up for nachos.

The Iliad/The Odyssey
a stretch of gold, irresistible
The years pass by, and you forget that you used to be a prince yourself, that you haven't always been by his side, that you had a life before him.

Blood and Whiskey
"Wyatt, you weren't concerned none, now were you? Why, there weren't above twenty cowboys in that room, and we had a whole eighteen bullets between us."

Twin Peaks
Otis Redmund's Great Whopper
Cooper's fishing line may have been tangled, his reel hopelessly jammed, but the sentiment was true just the same.
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Work = annoying as ze D is slowly starting to add on the responsibilities that go with the promotion she wants to give me, without actually being able to give me the promotion. This is not working. I want more money if I'm to do more stuff. Uh-huh.

Post-work = comic book store where I was greeted with a hearty "Katherine #2!" and then an update on the latest Grant Morrison announcement. Which I had indeed missed: the All-Star: Superman project. It's getting spun a lot as the answer to the Ultimates, which I suppose it is in that "hey, continuity geeks make me cry into my cereal, please please let's try something else" sense, but there are clearly differences. Anyway, interview with the crazy man himself here. He manages to talk Jesus and namecheck Charlie Kauffman, so it's good times all around. It sounds like fun. ComicBookMan did, however, delight in crushing my "Morrison! Superman! Someone bring out the PCP now!" fervor by saying "With art by..." and watching my face fall as I prepared to hear, yes, you got it, "Frank Quitely." I just can't get behind it. But, whatever, my insane love for insane Morrison has outweighed the pain of squishy faces and stunted bodies many times before and will continue to do so, I'm sure.

Also at the store, I finally got in my hot, greedy little hands the 15th Anniversary hardcover of Arkham Asylum. So so pretty. And I never buy hardcovers, 'cause a) spendy, b) don't like 'em that much, but I've been dreaming of this ever since I saw the solicitation. Mmmmm... With annotated script! eeeeep!

Picked up Identity Crisis #7 which I managed to stay spoiler-free for. Can't wait to read it, in part so I can go back and check out all the media and lj commentary I bookmarked/skipped over the last few weeks. Looked at, but didn't buy, the latest Powers trade, which includes the full script for the most random and amusing issue of that collection. I almost bought it for that, but finally reminded myself that I have the damn issues and I cannot be that girl. And then, you know, a stack of other things I've dropped on the to-read and won't get to forever (seriously, the number of Gotham Central issues I have sitting there is chilling. the RUCKA would be so disappointed).

And now, more [ profile] yuletide recs, fandoms H-N

Hitchhiker's Guide
That Tongue Thing
If Ford Prefect were truthful, a state of affairs which, to maintain his professional reputation as a Guide reporter, he tended to avoid at all costs, he might confess that he had originally begun sleeping with Arthur Dent mainly because it seemed to be the best way to (a) shut him up and (b) calm him down.

Last Man Standing
Therefore, he lied. "You're really quite likeable," he said cheerfully.

Igby Goes Down
Tragedy Among the Scholars of War
It's all pretty fucking disgusting in reality, and Oliver would hate to be one of those people fooled into thinking his life is actually some great American tragedy -- he would hate to be Igby -- but it kind of makes sense in the end, too.

Lost in Translation
John was on her about quitting again. "They'll kill you," he'd said. It was what he always said.

Perfectly Normal
"I pride myself on my steady hands," Hawkeye answered on autopilot. "It's the result of a rigorous daily regime of alcohol and ennui."

Northern Exposure
Paradise...Not Quite Troubleproof
"Yeah. Of course. I can run pretty fast. So can a moose, but I know the town better."
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[ profile] yuletide recs, starting with the one written for me:

[The Perfect Con], Ocean's 11, Danny, Rusty, Basher
Rusty had hopes that they were beyond lightning changes in the back seat of the car while handcuffed, but apparently.

Oh, Secret Santa OF MY HEART! This was *exactly* what I wanted. With Basher, even, which I wasn't counting on at all. Perfect tone, funny and sharp and the "I'd never been to Belize"-ness of it all. GENIUS. *mwah*

And then others, by fandom, A-G only for this evening, considering I already fell asleep once and really should be getting to bed for real:

Arrested Development
Three Unwise Men and A Maeby
Actually, Tobias had been researching his book, but he was asked to leave because some of the patrons of the soup kitchen misunderstood his questions about being absent from the bosom of their families and thought that he was hitting on them.

Bottle Rocket
Like Rome or Pompeii
"Like prisoners," Bob explains. "Like in the movies. We thought you might have a hard time adjusting to life on the outside."

The Chronicles of Narnia
Growing Up
The gym spoke eloquently of the insides of rubber-soled tennis shoes, while the air in the dorms was heavy with sweat and face powder.

Memory of Heaven
The strange, heavy words -- trains, ration-books, air-raids -- that would explain him stop at the back of his teeth, making him stutter, all frustrated helplessness and animal dumb, until finally he turns from her in defeat.

classical mythology
This new thing, which consumes
It is always the same, and she is not impressed.

"Do you keep it thus so the others will stay away?" Dionysus responded.

Donnie Darko
The most beautiful word in the English language
She takes too long in the shower, heavy with deja vu.

Four Weddings and A Funeral
Turning Forty
"Not the centre of the universe?" Gareth opened his arms wide. "No, I always am. It's a heavy duty, but it is mine to bear."

Garden State
A violet in the youth
"I don't think a ton is a liquid measurement," he says, and bites off his thumbnail.

Just nod if you can hear me
The director looks exasperated and you realize that "slower" and "louder" weren't actually what he wanted at all. "For Christ's sake, kid, you're supposed to be playing a fucking retard!"


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