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Merry Yuletide to me! I recieved an amazing gift AND a perfect treat. I do this mostly to write something once a year, so a good gift is a bonus and these are a BIG bonus.

[Time Bring Back to Time]
How to Get Away with Murder, Connor/Oliver
It seems a shame I have no recollection of what was clearly the zenith of my ability to have any game whatsoever.

As I texted before even reading this last night, THIS IS CONNOR/OLIVER AND IT IS TAGGED AMNESIA. It also has rom-com moments and some light h/c. My author clearly thought about how to tailor this to my list of likes SO well and gave me great Connor as well. I mean AMNESIA is my everything and the way she balances the sweet rom-com domestic stuff with the tension set up by the situation is impressive and perfect. Such a delight!


[White Line Fever]
Archer, Archer/Pam
"Don’t worry, I’ve got this,” he said. Then he proceeded to call Woodhouse on his car phone and demand he show up to change the tire.

Getting a treat was so cool and seeing the fandom and pairing was exciting, but from the first line of "So, rehab." I was smiling like a dope. This was so funny and so in character and on tone to canon and it has everything I love about the Archer/Pam dynamic and it is great. Wonderful treat job!


I am clearly facing an embarrassment of riches and cannot thank my assigned writer and treater enough. Amazing.
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First, thank you thank you thank you. I’m sure that anything you put together in one of my chosen fandoms will be thrilling.

While I tried to flesh out my sign-up info as best I could to include enough to go on, I'm using this post to expand a bit and clear up what I realized might have been unclear after sign-ups closed. Obviously ODAO and I am happy to be surprised, so don't feel at all obligagted to anything here beyond this relatively short list of no-gos or any fandom-specific DNWs I included in my sign-up:

  • A/B/O-verses

  • mpreg

  • D/s

  • non-con

  • dub-con in the clearer sense of 1 party is clearly being manipulated/pushed into something or sex-pollen tropes, not in a much broader interpretation where consent might not be explicity stated in all cases if it's still clearly a mutual thing - e.g., I am fine with drunk sex if everyone's okay with it after

  • non-canon addiction or abuse stories

For those looking for a bit more guidance, likes across all fandoms are noted below:

  • Friendship - genuine affection between the characters or grudging respect-turned-to-friendship.

  • Stories that fill in gaps - pre-canon stories or slices of lives and stories that the canon didn’t tell

  • Stories that go beyond the canon - futurefic or characters/events that got dropped revisited.

  • Comedy and banter

  • Amnesia (I will always read every fic tagged with this in any new fandom I find) or anything related to memory

  • I don’t need a happy ending as long as whatever the ending is fits the story

  • I love case fic or day in the life stories or whatever version of that fits the fandom

  • There is no road trip in the history of time which I have not loved

Specific to ship fic (which I am absolutely in favor of):

  • Okay with slash, femslash, or het - if there's a pairing I cannot abide, I didn't request the relevant characters so all are welcome within my requests

  • I love romcoms and all the traditional tropes that come with that

  • "I hate you; let's fall in love later" is at the heart of many of my strongest OTPs

  • When it comes to angst, I'm always ready to indulge in a bit of hurt/comfort or long-term pining

  • Characters oblivious to their mutual attraction

  • Fake-marriage/relationship trope

  • That thing where someone thinks they're in a love triangle, but the 2 people they're into are actually the same person - like one IRL friend and someone else online. Damn, is there a succinct description of that trope that I just don't know? because I would like to make sense here and also be able to tag search. Anyway, if you know what I mean, cool, if not, ignore me.

  • Body-swap (I think I watched too many of those body-swap movies in the 80s and it really imprinted on me)

  • I prefer getting-together or falling apart fic to established-relationship domesticity

  • In general, I'm not a huge fan of hate-sex pairings unless it really fits the fandom/character

Okay, request-specific DNWs/likes/prompts.

How to Get Away with Murder (Connor Walsh):

I didn't choose any other characters because I really want a story about Connor, but in reality, there is no male character (nommed or otherwise) I would be unhappy to see a Connor pairing with, so if there's one that you're into, feel free to give it a go. I'm not going to lie, Connor's use of sex-for-career-advancement is my fav thing about him, but that doesn't mean I'm against Connor-centric gen Essentially, I'm really open to whatever you want to do with this character because I find him fascinating and am deeply thrilled that the show feels like they can't let a week go by without a filthy Connor sex scene of some sort.

Since I know canon is ongoing as we prep for Yuletide, feel free to diverge as needed and not stress or avoid canon by doing future fic or back story or case fic that dispenses with the big story arcs and just focuses in on their work/school.

Additional thoughts/prompts

  • Future-fic that goes beyond the canon and takes us to  what happens to Connor after law school and the murder - he seems to be losing it - does he get past that and stay with law school? Or does this destroy his career ambitions and move him towards a different future?

  • I'd love an exploration of how Connor and Annalise's relationship might develop - we see her mostly with Wes at this point, but her willingness to sell out Nate makes me think she and Connor could have some commonalities.

  • Connor and another character forced to road trip or complete a stakeout in service of a case where we can get some personality confilicts and/or something shippy. Of the nommed characters, I do somewhat ship Connor/Wes and I think they could be a great pair in this set-up, but really, anyone could work.

  • A case that requires Connor and another character to pretend to be a couple that then evolves into a relationship (fake-relationship is a favorite trope!).

  • The true story of Connor and Michaela's fiance's boarding school fling or Connor's other HS conquests - I feel like Connor in high school was a real delight.

  • Something related to the crazy murder storyline that I cannot even remotely prompt because what the fuck is even happening with these people and will likely be Joss-ed by the time of reveals but could be so compelling and fun that it won't matter.

Hart of Dixie (Zoe Hart, Lemon Breeland, Lavon Hayes, Wade Kinsella

Not all characters have to be central or part of any pairing, but I'd like all to make an appearance in some way. The show's definitely a rom-com to me, so my preference would be for shipfic of some kind. If forced to choose, I ship Zoe/Wade, but I'm not unwilling to explore any other pairing within this 4 if there's a ship you're into. Zoe/Lavon is the one I think of as most of a stretch, but if you can make it work, I've been known to ship a lot of BFF couples in my day and you wouldn't have to work hard to convince me that literally anyone could fall for Lavon Hayes.

Open to one-time threesomes, but can't really see any long-term poly relationships for this show

IIf shipfic isn't your jam or just doesn't work for you with these characters, gen day-in-the-life of Bluebell is also totally fun. The friendships within this group are really great and I think could make a great story in any combination as well. Plus there's always a party to plan/attend and shennanigans to ensue.

For this fandom, no deathfic, please (I can't even imagine...). And I know he's not nommed, but just to be clear, I really wouldn't want any potential background Zoe/George as that pair just doesn't work for me.

Additional thoughts/prompts:

  • Any other characters are more than welcome to appear as needed.

  • I love all the ladies and their individual personalities, so a Lemon and Zoe classic rivalry or (even better) team-up in some insane scheme would be amazing. Perhaps they have to work together to put on a fund-raiser for one of Brick & Zoe's patients or are in competition for a Bluebell Woman of the Year award (they had a Man of the Year so if they don't already have one, I'm sure some wacky Bluebell organization could start one).

  • I love Lavon Hayes with all my heart and would love to see what happens if he wins Lemon back. What would finally make her choose him over George? How insanely amazing would their wedding be and what hijinks would go down with the planning? Will it be cute as he suffers in adorable exasperation while she redecorates his house and makes an amazing mess as the First Lady of Bluebell? Or will the town find out about their scandalous history and cause a bit of drama - we know the town likes to choose sides in these kind of things. If Lemon moves into Lavon's, how does she deal with seeing Zoe over breakfast?

  • Future fic where Zoe and Wade go to back to New York and how Wade adjusts (or doesn't) - could be a temporary trip or a semi-permanent move.

  • Hungover morning after fic where any combination of these 4 tries to piece together what drunken shennigans they got up to at whatever crazy Bluebell party they had the night before.

  • Angst doesn't really jump out at me for this fandom, but if you think you can do it well (outside of actual death), I wouldn't flat out refuse it

Archer (Cartoon) (Sterling Archer, Pam Poovey, Malory Archer)

The character request here can be an OR instead of an AND if you prefer. And other characters can certainly be included as needed, but please see notes below in re: ships I do not ship.

From a shipping perspective, I know we're supposed to ship Archer/Lana, but I am all about Archer/Pam. Though, if you can't fully sail that ship, a fic about their weird semi-friendship or friends-with-benefits past could work. And solo fic about either is fine, though as noted, Archer/Lana doesn't really do it for me, so I'd prefer not to have that even in the background. Alternately, any fic about Malory, especially her past, would be amazing. I love every horrible, mean-spirited, drunken, self-centered thing about that woman.

I have a slight preference for ISIS (or whatever they're calling it now...) spy style fic, but the Archer Vice stuff is also great.

Additional thoughts/prompts:

  • Something where Lana's on maternity leave and Pam and Archer have to work a mission together which can either go to the drunken amazing sex place or just be a hilarious gen romp.

  • A mission from Malory's youth (when she's left Archer to be cared for by Woodhouse or in her pre-Archer life) and/or what led her to building her own spy organization.

  • There is nothing you could imagine about Pam's backstory that I would not be into.

  • This fandom seems to lend itself really well to fake relationships and road trips as well as case fic

  • If you want to just write a team story in line with an episode that just centralizes one of the 3 requested characters, I'm fine with that as well

Orphan Black (Felix Dawkins, Alison Hendrix)

Felix and Alison's friendship is so amazing, ideally, I would love something that explores that. Either past where we are in current canon or missing scenes from the past. This is definitely not a shippy request, though.

If this isn't your jam, I'm also fine with a story focusing on just one of them, either in relation to another character or Sarah (I mis-typed this in my sign-up and probably made it sound like I was asking for Sarah, but I am not, I am just ok if she's in the story - sorry for the confusion). Felix shipped with other male characters is fine, but I'm not that interested in any Alison ships.

Additional thoughts/prompts:

  • As always I'm going to suggest a road trip! Alison and Felix have to get out of town for a few days for reasons (with or without her children) - where do they go, what do they argue about, what are their roadtrip games/snacks/etc.

  • Future-fic, maybe things have settled down with the clones and Felix and Alison decide to work together in some capcity.

  • How do one/both of these characters react to the end of the season? What ultimately happens to them as they're both somewhat unique players in the overall clone fights. Do they find out about the other clones and, if so, what do they do with that knowledge?

  • For something that could walk that dark/funny line, maybe Felix and Alison throw a cocktail party at Alison's and shit goes down (as it always does) and they have to keep the party on track while also fighting back the mysterious forces of evil always at play in this canon.

  • I feel like all I'm coming up with is pretty light prompts & I do admit that I generally love Felix and Alison for the dose of humor they bring to the show, but I am truly fine with darker fic in keeping with the tone of the show, so if this all seems too fluffy to you, trust that while I can't seem to prompt it, I would happily read something that gets more into the drama of the show than the comedy.

And that's a wrap. Hope some of this babble was helpful to you. I truly believe in ODAO and I have faith that you are likely better able to come up with something cool than I am, so please again, do not feel constrained by any of this. If it doesn't help, ignore everything and do not fear.

Happy Yuletide!


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